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Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!

 Weight Suitcase

You’re after a great vacation and its time to pack home all that junk that decided

to come back with you -  toys, shoes, mexican hat and other weird vacation souvenirs.

Now your luggage weight 1 pound more then the maximum luggage the airline approve OR does it???

How Does It Work?

On The suitcase base we place a solid plate that when pressured down weight the suitcase content

outside, on the suitcase front we can see the weight displayed  (plus the net suitcase weight).

Safe Trip


Getting out from the subway in newYork, i noticed a troubling fact… it is darn diffcult getting in & out of the subway with a baby stroller!

So to help out the not so gentel women i met there, which seems to do the job of carring the stroller by hand just fine , we gott he baby boom!

How Does It Work?

You take a tank, brake it and take only the tank track.

Now take a stroller and brak eher whells off

Finally connect the 2 and go up and down 10 times before the other mommy got it.


In huge performances the crowd needs some help seeing what goes on the stage… so they came up with giant video screens, but sometime the video screens can be technological and wow, that the attention from the real performer is diverted…

In order to bring the attention back to that nice performer we use a giant lens!

How Does  it Works?

Take a giant lens and put it in front of performer.

think of the lens as a giant magnifying glass – Performer = ant , audience = kid burning the ant. or listening to it.


Take every blue tooth and cover it with a skin that allows you to aceept calls and talk freely.

imagine picking up a tooth phase or a pack of cigarettes  and talking to it! just like in silly flick.

How Does It Work?

The skin comes over the Uniq bluetooth we provide and all the skins are ready to be hooked to it :)


Take your piranie , put it in the water and control where it goes!

Great for-  Fishing  , Perrine fight with your friends or just a great laugh at the beach biting peoples behind!

How Does It Work?

On the piranie tail we connect a clipon , on each side of it, we have a powerful fan like engine.

Each fan pressures the piranie to a diffrent side when activated with the remote control.