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Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!



You get inside the cab and the drive begins…

Then you realise you really want some coffee or just run out of cigarettes , how about Today’s paper?

You shouldn’t need to ask the driver to stop, to got all those things… They should be sold in the cab, take the glove comportment and turn it to a cool 7 elven, kinda like a limousine


How Does it Work?

Every item you take form the minibar will automatically be added to your running meter and paid when you exit the cab.

Pretty simple Pretty great.



Permanent Tattoo ? Maybe a bubblegum tattoo?

I say sun tattoo is the natural way to go!


How does it work?

- You get a stencil of the desired shape.

- The stencil is a sticker you place where you want your tattoo to be

- Now take a nap on the beach or where ever the sun shines…

- The sun will act as Spry can on your back, giving you an even tan but leaves the stencil alone

- Remove the stencial and walllllllllaa , you got a natural sun tatto



You  love what you do and you get a lot of projects coming in.

So you call a friend and he gets his people  to join the project,  and know the mail / skype / chat /mobile whatever starts.

Wow that was a great work day, but the only one sitting to eat lunch with you was you’re cat, don’t get me starting on that hobo look you’re trying lately

So lets say you can still be youre own boos and work with diffrent people on diffrent projects… no strings attached, but on the same space!


How Does It Work?

Offline -  we rent a big open space and divide it with low walls to form small offices,

now the place rents this offices to different skilled people -

Designers , Developers, Marketing , Pr , Business … And Eventually you have a  great studio,

who is capable of  getting every projects done! and done good!

and we as the teem enjoy the people the connections and the expernce of others.

Online - same thing only visual , where each participent can find his table and get friendly and business with the co workers

Lately i came across the fallowing group who does something very similar to this idea in Israel-,7340,L-3361987,00.html

Guess i’m a little late… glad it’s working!

Lucky Bubble!

How great is bubble wrap?

Wining money is also pretty sweet… so what makes perfect sense is

to combine the tow in to this Lucky Bubble that lets you pop

them bubbels and win some cash!


How Does It Work?

Take a regular scratching luck game where you take a dime our brake your finger

scratching it to find combinations  and replace it with bubble-wrap you have to pop to see the prizes.

thats it simply more fun.


Over The years, mounths & weeks we register to so many diffrent services.

Most of the time it is just so we can get a glimpse to see what the site is about,

and then life goes fast and it’s hard to keep in touch with all this websites… so we dont!

Think of this Site as a facebook to keep in touch with websites instead of friends.


How Does it Work?

well… you register :(

Step 1:

The site can find you’re registered websites by :

A. By email : the system goes through your mail and searches for  common mails you received from different sites and detects them

B.  By log-in/pass : the system then runs your log-in through its own database of websites and finds the one you are already on!

C.  Just tell the site your sites


step 2:

Use the site to easily log-in to all of you’re sites  in one click


Step 3:

Get all you’re sites updates and sneak preview in one website