keflex and birth control

Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!

So we have tiny led screens and touch screens and iPhone Multi touch screens and multi-multi-super-duper screens.

That fenmane caused the old farmiliar real word interface to fade away – no more dails and buttons you can feel with your fingers

and nothing to hold and sense .

How do we bring it all back? How do we go back to actually sensing what our fingers touch and interact with?


Elevated Pixel Touch Screen – How does it work?

Every pixel has the fallowing properties:

- Color (Exist Today)

- Luma (Exist Today)

- Elevation (The Secret Ingredient)

The entire screens pixels has this 3 proprties and are able to create all the interface one can imagine just like an out of the box product would give you, but with the advantage of morphing from one interface to another.

Illustration :

1. The device with the Elevated Touch Screen

2. Top view of the pixels ( 5 by 5 grid) showing a simple “X” on a window – close window.

3. The pixels that are drawing the “X” icon are elevated to give the icon a physical presence

4. A finger touching the “X”  surface will feel the pixels and recgnize it is in the right spot

Implementation ideas:

- Blind touch screen – for braille language and other ways of intercating

- QUERTY keyboard will let you push the pixels down as you press any key

- Play the popular iPhone game – labyrinth as you see a physical ball traveling on the screen;

- 3d Models can come to life.