keflex and birth control

Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!


Listen up, all you diet lovers.
Number one reason for getting fat is…
Yep! Eating.

Most of our eating starts by opening the fridge
door, so to start with that case, how about limiting
the amount of times you can open the fridge a day.

How does it work?
1.Each time you open the fridge door, a counter will show you, how
many times you got left opening it again.

2.When the counter hit zero, the fridge internal lock will
lock the door and will reopen it according to your program.

3.This can be a daily, hourly or any other program.

Bon Appétit!

Software costs money, the more professional a software is , the more it costs.
Oh and even when you do purchase one, you need to purchase a separate
license for each machine running it.

At School, the library, your local printer or any other place with computers,
you can find computers that are ready to use and have useful software
installed on them, such as Adobe Photoshop/ illustrator, Microsoft office,
Maya for 3d design and more…
Usually you pay in some way for the time you’re using those computers
and when your not using them, you don’t – you go home.

So the idea is to share licenses with other people, just like we are
already doing in the offline world.

How Does it work?

Business side:
you setup a computer running multiple virtual machines.
on each machine you buy the license a software you wish to offer to your customers
when a customer wants to use your services he logs in and directed to a free computer.

Customer side:
Download a special software
Login and you will be connected to a remote machine.
on that machine you can find all the software / OS /you need.
you work as if you are working on your computer -you can even
use your private folder to store your work.

you pay for time usage .
you’re software is always updated.