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Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!

Apps started mainly for personal computers, recently they invaded the mobile
industry, in devices such as the iPhone and other smartpones.
They are fun and useful, in order to really get the most from your app, it should
take advantages of the device uniq features such as the accelerometer
and GPS on mobile phones, on a mp3 player it will be accessing the the
songs and play times etc…

Today, mobile devices comes with an SDK/API allowing developers to create these
apps as a standard, other devices such as a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher or your
car are fully controlled by the manufactures. If every device has different
characteristics he can offer, let’s open all of our devices to developers to create
customized brilliant apps,that the manufacture never even dreamed of!

How does it work?

Every digital device has a small computer running it, that computer runs
some sort of an OS. Give developers an API for the device that will allow them
to access data and operate it. The user will control the device from a touch screen
or by an app on his mobile device.


  • Oven – Cook programs, schedule on/off …
  • Fridge - Lock after 8:00 pm, lock with password, change temp, check milk date, count times opening door…
  • Dishwasher - Washing programs, water used and general usage statistics,single glass app.
  • Car – Speed limit alert , GPS notifications, mechanic test, driving tips, camera control, the car office…
  • Coffee machine – Illustrate with foam, mix blends, coffee programs, filter levels, usage stat…

What else…