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Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!

The year is 1995, my dad got me my first connected TV, it was a very long
cable that you connected from your computer to the television.
It was magical, my computer appeared on a tv screen!

10 years later we got youtube and even sort of live streaming of tv shows
and still my cable brought them to life on my TV.
Since then, every year we hear the roar of the little connected tv kitten -
‘I’m coming to a TV near you!’. But instead we got streamers, googleTV,
boxee, setup-boxes and other failed attempts to figure out how a Connected
TV experience should be, we then listen, maybe buy something but end up
staying with our 1995 long cable.

The reasons why all those attempts are failing, is cause a TV should
stay a TV – a big stupid screen that displays entertainment
for one or more people.

Let’s learn from the cable success

Good Cable:

+ The TV should stay just a screen
+ I know the OS it’s running
+ I already have everything synced, since it’s my computer
+ No Technological limitations, everything works, it’s just a computer.
+ It’s really cheap.
+ It’s actually works.
+ The most important point: why should i settle for anything
less by using a limited SmartTV OS?

Bad Cable:

- I need a cable
- I need a big computer in my living room
- The UI isn’t right for a TV Experience (i.e controlling from a distance)

Cut The Cable

So, while all the TV manufactures and friends are trying to crack this nute,
i myself gave-up on the waiting fo the perfect connected TV, until!
until i started using AirPlay.

AirPlay is a Technology from apple that enables wireless streaming of music,
photos, videos and even screen mirroring between devices, with the release
of OS Mountain Lion, even your macbook will be AirPlay Enabled.

Instead of joining all the failed attempts to push a brain into a television,
all that apple is doing to bring you Connected TV is to replace your cable with
AirPlay, and it’s the best approach IMHO:
All the cable ‘+’ are still there, All the ‘-’ are gone.

And it’s even better then the cable, it let’s any one in the room be apart
of the experience, anyone can stream anything at anytime, so man-kind can
finally stop fighting on who has the remote!
You have endless Apps already working, with a more or less big tv UI, and
some day might even adjust it when they know they are being AirPlayed.

When you need to browse and navigate, it’s super fast and intuitive to
do it on a mobile device then the D-Pad, browsing endless menus
with arrows, that way the tv stays for watching and the more interactive
part remains the broadcasting device responsibility.

How To Get AirPlay

You will need an AppleTv Connected to a television screen, or a PC or MAC
that runs a third party app that enables AirPlay:

PC. AeroDrome (there is a free version with a logo watermark)
MAC. AirServer

When you got any of the 3 working, you should see the AirPlay Icon when you
listen to music, watch a photo or play any video, if you double tap the
home button and slide to the left, you should also see the AirPlay icon that
will enable mirroring.

This will become second nature for you after a while, anything you stumble
upon while your using your mobile device will look better on the big screen.

BUT! the long cable is still with us, cause we need to connect the
pc,mac, Apple TV to our TV, so my advice to all the companies in the connected
TV race, is just add some Air Streaming Capability to the TV and that’s all that
is needed to retire the long cable.