keflex and birth control

Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!


God or someone, gave us humans hands with 5 fingers each (The Simpsons only have 4 each HA!).

One of the things hands are good for is using them for eating – it’s natural and it’s just the best way to really dig in! But! society doesn’t like that, they want us to eat with Silverware, Chopsticks or any other way that keeps our hands clean, it does make some sense, cause it’s not always fun getting all oily and sticky and you might want to shake hands with other people… you get the idea.


So how do we keep the experience of eating with our hands and stay civil? We use SliverGloves, it’s like nail extensions rings that you put on your fingers and they serve as a buffer between you and the food but you get the eating with your hands UX and staty clean!