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Ideas and Dreams Waiting to Happen!


Listen up, all you diet lovers.
Number one reason for getting fat is…
Yep! Eating.

Most of our eating starts by opening the fridge
door, so to start with that case, how about limiting
the amount of times you can open the fridge a day.

How does it work?
1.Each time you open the fridge door, a counter will show you, how
many times you got left opening it again.

2.When the counter hit zero, the fridge internal lock will
lock the door and will reopen it according to your program.

3.This can be a daily, hourly or any other program.

Bon Appétit!

Software costs money, the more professional a software is , the more it costs.
Oh and even when you do purchase one, you need to purchase a separate
license for each machine running it.

At School, the library, your local printer or any other place with computers,
you can find computers that are ready to use and have useful software
installed on them, such as Adobe Photoshop/ illustrator, Microsoft office,
Maya for 3d design and more…
Usually you pay in some way for the time you’re using those computers
and when your not using them, you don’t – you go home.

So the idea is to share licenses with other people, just like we are
already doing in the offline world.

How Does it work?

Business side:
you setup a computer running multiple virtual machines.
on each machine you buy the license a software you wish to offer to your customers
when a customer wants to use your services he logs in and directed to a free computer.

Customer side:
Download a special software
Login and you will be connected to a remote machine.
on that machine you can find all the software / OS /you need.
you work as if you are working on your computer -you can even
use your private folder to store your work.

you pay for time usage .
you’re software is always updated.


Browsers copied default mainstream programs UI and placed
the file menu as the top bar, followed by an icon navigation
menu with an address bar, the lovable favorite menu and
other annoying toolbars.

We have to admit that Chrome did a nice job by understanding
that the file menu is rarely accessed and when it does it is
mostly by an advanced user, so it would be easier for the user to
hide all those feature in 1 or 2 icons that will show them on demand.
Safari, like with all mac software insist on placing
the file menu in the OS top bar.

One big similarity with all browsers – Chrome, FireFox, IE , Safari etc…
They all place their User Interface at the top of their browsers!

Why this is wrong?
– Usually this UI takes up – 100 to 400+ Pixels easily
(not taking into account annoying toolbars…)

- It simply clashes with the websites design, when the eye
starts parsing what it See’s, it can’t simply ignore the huge
ugly menus.

- The new king of screen format is 16:9, the good old 4:3 is long dead.
When 4:3 was the king, sites and content adjusted themself to it,
but now days, content from video to website are taking advantage
of the wide screen, not to long ago most of the content were designed
to fit 800 by 600 resolution for worse case scenario.

Meaning: Today, there is much more space on the side for UI then ontop!

How does it work?
– All of the browser tabs are on the side of the browser(Right or Left)
- Address bar appears as you insert a new tab – long as any address bar.
- the user scrolls a clean and quite screen focusing entirely on
the page, and enjoying the benefits of this windscreen screen

Mathematics is great, it can even be fun.

One thing is sure, the way we interface with it, the tools we have are kinda stayed the same since  they invented them – numbers , graphs etc…

How does it work?

What if the graphs AXIS them-self would also be dynamic like the graph itself?

How would that effect the results and information?

How about 3 axis? to be honest, i’m just playing around with the  idea…

Today we introduce a new green and enjoyable alternative to

today’s elevators – Yesterday’s elevators!

travel fast and smoothly between floors with out  electricity or even wires.


How does it work?

A confined space (a square frame)  is aligned to the building (in our out).

A Square hot air ballon is then placed inside that space.

To go up , we warm up the balloon, causing it to elevate .

To go down, we lower the heat level.

Enjoy the ride.

So we have tiny led screens and touch screens and iPhone Multi touch screens and multi-multi-super-duper screens.

That fenmane caused the old farmiliar real word interface to fade away – no more dails and buttons you can feel with your fingers

and nothing to hold and sense .

How do we bring it all back? How do we go back to actually sensing what our fingers touch and interact with?


Elevated Pixel Touch Screen – How does it work?

Every pixel has the fallowing properties:

- Color (Exist Today)

- Luma (Exist Today)

- Elevation (The Secret Ingredient)

The entire screens pixels has this 3 proprties and are able to create all the interface one can imagine just like an out of the box product would give you, but with the advantage of morphing from one interface to another.

Illustration :

1. The device with the Elevated Touch Screen

2. Top view of the pixels ( 5 by 5 grid) showing a simple “X” on a window – close window.

3. The pixels that are drawing the “X” icon are elevated to give the icon a physical presence

4. A finger touching the “X”  surface will feel the pixels and recgnize it is in the right spot

Implementation ideas:

- Blind touch screen – for braille language and other ways of intercating

- QUERTY keyboard will let you push the pixels down as you press any key

- Play the popular iPhone game – labyrinth as you see a physical ball traveling on the screen;

- 3d Models can come to life.


While working at on our unique video experience we try to visualize, how the ui will be for a 6rounds iPhone video chat application
but then comes to mind the fact that the iphone camera,  is on it’s back and the user can’t really enjoy his screen, see himself or his opponent in
a Skype like video chat…

How Does it Work?

So lets go low-tech and hook a periscope on the i phone (Ok, a very good looking periscope) and keep looking on the screen instead of apple’s logo!

Oh and as soon i finished writing this idea i googled it and came across, well this exact idea (Still in the form of an idea…)

This one is even better, they really made a working periscope -



You get inside the cab and the drive begins…

Then you realise you really want some coffee or just run out of cigarettes , how about Today’s paper?

You shouldn’t need to ask the driver to stop, to got all those things… They should be sold in the cab, take the glove comportment and turn it to a cool 7 elven, kinda like a limousine


How Does it Work?

Every item you take form the minibar will automatically be added to your running meter and paid when you exit the cab.

Pretty simple Pretty great.



Permanent Tattoo ? Maybe a bubblegum tattoo?

I say sun tattoo is the natural way to go!


How does it work?

- You get a stencil of the desired shape.

- The stencil is a sticker you place where you want your tattoo to be

- Now take a nap on the beach or where ever the sun shines…

- The sun will act as Spry can on your back, giving you an even tan but leaves the stencil alone

- Remove the stencial and walllllllllaa , you got a natural sun tatto



You  love what you do and you get a lot of projects coming in.

So you call a friend and he gets his people  to join the project,  and know the mail / skype / chat /mobile whatever starts.

Wow that was a great work day, but the only one sitting to eat lunch with you was you’re cat, don’t get me starting on that hobo look you’re trying lately

So lets say you can still be youre own boos and work with diffrent people on diffrent projects… no strings attached, but on the same space!


How Does It Work?

Offline -  we rent a big open space and divide it with low walls to form small offices,

now the place rents this offices to different skilled people -

Designers , Developers, Marketing , Pr , Business … And Eventually you have a  great studio,

who is capable of  getting every projects done! and done good!

and we as the teem enjoy the people the connections and the expernce of others.

Online - same thing only visual , where each participent can find his table and get friendly and business with the co workers

Lately i came across the fallowing group who does something very similar to this idea in Israel-,7340,L-3361987,00.html

Guess i’m a little late… glad it’s working!